Who We Are

Families Helping Families at the Crossroads of Louisiana is a non-profit Family Directed Resource Center for individuals with special needs. FHF was founded in 1992 in Alexandria, La. as a part of a parent resource center statewide. FHF is an organization of families who because of their experience are aware of and committed to reaching out to other families who have members with special needs. Special needs include, physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and or educational issues. FHF is a place where families can go for help and understanding from caring people who:Have Been There" too. 

The mission of FHF is to assist and strengthen individuals and families with special needs through a coordinated state wide network of resources, supporting and serving the parishes of: Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, LaSalle, Rapides, Vernon and Winn. 

We providepeer to peer support, information, referral an training around disability issues in Region 6 and a sports program for individuals with physical and visual disabilities statewide.

In 1989, the Louisiana legislature enacted the Community and Family Support Act 378 in response to a grassroots effort by parents seeking resources for their children with disabilities. Parents wanted the option to care for their child at home and not be forced to place them in an institution. Research shows that the state saves substantial funds by caring for individuals with disabilities in their home and community verses large institutional settings as a result of Act 378. We now have 10 Family Helping Families Resource Centers statewide.

The centers are unique to Louisiana. Every staff member in our office has a family member with a disability or is an individual with a disability. In addition most of our board members must have a family member with a disability.

Every child ans adult with a disability has a family. We understand that the  family as a whole is important and each family member is impacted by the needs of the family member with a disability. We want to address the health of each family members and the family unit. Because of our own life experiences we understand the challenges a family faces and are committed to reaching out to other families with similar experiences.

Families Helping Families is Your Resource Center. Our Goal is to provide you with knowledge, support, and confidence.

If your family has special needs we offer, support, assistance and resources:

  • Drop in/Call in information and referral
  • Parent to Parent and Peer to Peer Program
  • Training in Education Laws, Rights and Advocacy
  • Resource Library (online or books)
  • Workshops (training for parents and professionals)
  • Transition
  • Newsletters
  • Internet information
  • National Disabilities Resource Information