Children's Special Heath Services- Parent Liaison- The Parent Liaison is a family member who works with the local  CSHS clinics and fosters support, information and referral to families of children receiving  CSHS clinic services. The parent Liaison also provides outreach for CSHS targeting families and providers. Available clinics are: Pediatric Orthopedic, Orthopedic, Cleft Lip and Palate, Genetics, and Sickle Cell. The mission of the CSHS program is to identify priorty needs of children with special health care needs.   For more information contact Melissa Harrison on our staff page,

Early Steps Community Outreach Specialist- Works with Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities to serve infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. For more information contact Terri Coombs on our staff page.

GUMBO- Games Uniting Mind and Body- A sports program for youth and adults with physical and visual disabilities. For more information contact Pam Carey from our staff page or visit

 LaCAN- Linking lawmakers, individuals with disabilities, and family members to make positive change in systems serving people with disabilities. The Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council's mission is to lead and promote advocacy, capacity building and systemic change to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. For Home and Community based services contact Kristen Reed and for Educational Services contact Melissa Brossette.

Louisiana Department of Education- A project informing and assisting professionals and families to work together in the best interest of students with disabilities or special needs.  The educational staff at FHF is available to provide information, training and support regarding early intervention services, educational and transition into adulthood needs of children with disabilities, age birth to twenty-six. Knowledge is power. We strive to make information available to you about the many state and federal laws and regulations regarding education. We target three groups parents and family members of children with disabilities; children and young adults with disabilities; and professionals. For more information contact Melissa Brossette on our staff page.

Office for citizens with Developmental Disabilities also know as Central Louisiana Human Services District- serves as the Single Point of Entry into the developmental disabilities service system. To apply for any of these services, contact your regional community service office or human services district/authority.  Home and Community Based Services- Medicaid home and community based waiver programs allow people greater flexibility to choose where they want to live and to use services and supports that best suite their needs. Services are provided must represent a least restricitve treatment alternative. Each home and commuity based waiver has specific service packages and eligibility requirements. Waiver opportunities are dependent upon funding and are offered on a first come first serve basis through the Request for Services Registry.  For more informatin contact Kristen Reed for our staff page.